M 'M' and 'P' letter means Majlis Perbandaran (Municipal Council) and represent JMC's vision.
J J' letter representing Jasin Municipality and mission.
Alamanda Alamanda is a Jasin Municipal official flower and representing the main objective.
Lima garisan Five lines representing five main functions of the council.
Lima garisan Yellow means MPJ's staffs strive to improved productivity and quality.
Warna Ungu Purple representing corporate colour which means persistence, dedicated, intelligent in discharging out their resposibility.
Warna Merah Illustrates JMC as a resolute and tolerate organization.
Warna Putih White indicates MPJ implement their task with honest and full or responsibility.

Majlis Perbandaran Jasin,
Vista Alamanda,
77000 Jasin, Melaka.

G : 2.29484, 102.41080

T : +606 - 333 3333
C : +606 - 529 5555
F : +606 - 529 3537
E : info@mpjasin.gov.my

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