Bukit Langsat Recreational Forest, Jasin Melaka was established by incorporating educational, sporting activities especially extreme sports elements with the ancestral orang asli cultural theme in the symbolism, carvings, motifs and activities.

The distance between the Recreational Forest and Melaka City is 44 km and 14 km from Jasin Town.  Bukit Langsat Recreational Forest, Melaka has recreational facilities for visitors such as: -

  •      Parking Areas
  •      Children's Playground
  •      Obstacle Course Facilities (10 types)
  •      Jogging & Walking Track
  •      Family Recreational Area
  •      Camping Area
  •      Dining Hall
  •      Lecture Hall
  •      Surau
  •      Toilet

Apart from the visitors being able to make use of the infrastructure facilities provided, they (visitors) can also enjoy the variety of species of flora and fauna when jungle trekking or bird watching.

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