Peta Jasin

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Jasin is the biggest district (41.47%), followed by Alor Gajah (40.48%) and Melaka Tengah (18.05%). Total area in Jasin is 67,799 hectre (678 km square). Area that bound with Jasin is Melaka Tengah (South), Alor Gajah (West), Muar, Johor (East) and Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (North). Jasin was divide into 20 mukim.

Almost 75% Jasin geographical is land because it is under 50 meter height and suitable for plantation. There is a dam in Mukim Jus, Jus Dam which providing water for people. Development in Jasin is focused more Jasin City, Merlimau and Selandar which function as district administration centre, trade centre and industrial centre.


List of Mukim in Jasin


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