Based on the provisions contained in Act 171, Act 172 and Act 133, the functions of MPJ are divided into five main areas:

          1. Environmental Cleanliness

  • ​Beautification and Cleanliness of the Area
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Recreational Areas
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Open / Green Spaces
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Drainage System


           2.  Public Health

  • Business Premises Licensing Control
  • Hygiene of Food Premises Control
  • Vector, Rodents and Stray Animals Control


           3.  Development

  • Development Control Through Structural Plans and Local Plans
  • Control and Enforce Development Plan Approval
  • Control and Enforce the Approval of Ground Plans
  • Control and Enforce the Approval of Road and Ditch
  • Control and Enforce the Approval of Landscape Plan
  • Control and Enforce the Approval of Public Lighting Plan
  • Control and Enforce Temporary Building Permits


         4.  Public Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Providing and Maintaining Public Facilities
  • Providing and Maintaining Municipal Infrastructure
  • Managing and Maintaining Parking Lot


       5.  Social

  • Community Programs (Culture, Social, Religion, Youth, Sports)
  • Safe City Program
  • Local Agenda 21 Program
  • Natural Disaster Relief
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