Question : When date renew again licence was passed?
Answer  : Date renew again licence was each 1st November to 31 December in each year.
Question : Do need to inform ceremony if business was terminated?
Answer  : Must, it is to update licence information.
Question : Do must new / reapplication if business move property?
Answer  : Perlu, kerana nama pemilik perniagaan telah berubah
Question : Do must reapplication if moving business premise?
Answer  : Must, because business location and address changed.
Question : Why fined although already making application?
Answer  : Although already making application but imposed fine because business have been spawned before licence approved
Question : How much licence price for a dog?
Answer  : RM 5.00 for a dog
Question : Process payment imposed of business license application?
Answer  : Process payment imposed is as much as RM 10.00
Question : How much price for one license application form?
Answer  : Price for a form is RM 2.00
Question : How someone know either hall still vacant or had been booked by other party?
Answer  : To know whether still vacant court or had been booked on something certain date, you may contact we in telephone line 06-5291 245 ext. 127 our staff prepared to help.
Question : How to use badminton, futsal court?
Answer  : To use court in Jasin Municipal Council hall, you may coming to Jasin Municipal Council and deal our over the counter.
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Last Updated: Friday, 26 May 2023 - 4:07pm